Hello world!

I finally started this blog.  It’s amazing the things that can get in the way of pursuing ideas you aren’t terribly sure of.  So here’s what I know: life is short and if you put things off (like blogging and travel) you just might not get around to doing them.  Adventure doesn’t happen if you’re sitting on the couch – unless perhaps its in an exotic location…

One day I confronted the fact that I was 53, newly single and had wasted far too much time.  I realized that if I wanted to get to all the places in the world I wanted to see, I had better get a move on.  So 6 years ago I started to explore farther afield than my own back yard.

I am constantly surprised that people find my travelling status to be unusual.  My name is Linda.   I am a single female traveller.  I travel solo.


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