Anxiously Awaiting Africa

I am seriously behind on this blog.

My original intentions to process photos and blog daily or at least multiple times per week, have fallen by the wayside. Spotty internet connections, technical difficulties, not to mention meeting people and getting busy with life have all contributed to the downfall. That’s not to say I haven’t written things, I have but they need refining and photos. Two things I currently have no time for.


you may ask. Because tonight I board a plane for my long and long awaited, trip to join The Giving Lens Tanzania in Arusha, Tanzania. The Giving Lens. Group one has been posting photos of their time with the Masai and lately of the animals they are seeing on safari. I can hardly wait!

So I will most likely be off line for the next fourteen days. Unless the bomas and tents come with free wifi…oh I so doubt it. See you later.


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