The Universe Conspires

The Universe has conspired to lead me in the direction of my heart.  I’ve been juggling travel decisions; hemming and hawing; researching and juggling; trying to figure out one trip over another.  Trying to clarify a vision for my future.  Reading all these positive affirmations for indulging in one’s dreams on Facebook and emails.  (I get personalized letters in my email every week day from The Universe

  • Pretending is the fastest way to believing, Linda, and believing is the
    fastest way to receiving.
  • Whoohoooooo, Linda! Guess what?
    Everything, absolutely everything you’ve ever wanted, now lies within reach!
    Of course… you still have to reach.
  • Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®

© ®

You see what I mean.  So I have been bathing myself in messages from The Universe. I have talked about my hopes and dreams with friends and felt that when things were right I would know.  I now know .

At the end of January I entered a Facebook contest promoted by Down Under Answers in conjunction with Tourism Western Australia and Virgin Australia to win a selected bucket list adventure.  I had chosen Swimming With the Whale Sharks  somewhere off Exmouth.  Tuesday I came to work to an email from Down Under Answers ( – I won my bucket list trip.  To say I was stunned and shocked is an understatement.  The trip itself is for two from Los Angeles to Perth via Virgin Australia; airfare to Exmouth; two nights Terrace Hotel Perth; three nights Novotel Ningaloo, Exmouth and three nights aboard Shore Thing, Sail Ningaloo on a Whale Shark Wildlife Discovery Tour.   I have to do this between April 1 and July 31, 2013.    Ask me if I’m excited!

Whale Shark

Whale Shark

I think this is the sign and message I have waited for.  I think it is time to make a drastic change in my life and start my travels with this trip.  I don’t believe I will take that return flight.   I really think this is it.  I have a couple of months to get this organized and then I am just going to leave.  Take a 6 month unpaid leave of absence and see where I get to.

Whoo hoo Universe.  Thanks for the sign.  I finally get it!


4 thoughts on “The Universe Conspires

  1. I love it! It always seems that when you’re not sure which direction to go, somehow the Universe gives you a small hint as to where to place your first step….or in this case, a big hint! Congrats and ENJOY THE TRIP! I can’t wait to hear about swimming with whale sharks. That is definitely on my bucket list too.

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